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The Westboro Baptist Church and us.

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are a hate group that gained notoriety due to their extreme messages and  inappropriate picketing. For example, when a bridge collapsed in Minnesota they announced they were going to protest the funerals of the victims, claiming: The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., plans to stage protests at funerals of victims of the 35W bridge collapse […]

Alturism in droves.

My family back home is experiencing aftershocks, rolling blackouts, and possible food shortage. Yet I’m supposed to be more concerned with final exams…reddit, this is how I feel right now. The above post made it to the front page of during the recent earthquake crisis in Japan. One commenter, californiasquirrel, was in a similar situation. […]

Gaming your opinion.

People are normalized into groups based on the cultural and economic atmosphere of their environment. Before the Internet, that meant an individuals local environment. Now, with the Internet, people are able to normalize themselves in relation to a distant group. Online cultures form around common beliefs and practices.Since people online do not participate in face […]

Blown to Bits.

If you know how a system works you can game it. People hire lawyers because they know the complex rules of law. In this age of bits we are at the whims of digital-lawyers, or hackers. People who know how intricate systems function have a huge advantage. The legal system has one layer and everyone who interacts with this layer […]