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The Exploit | Networks

Networks are everything. 1. Ants | Distributed Network It took a long time for scientists to figure out how ants organize themselves. No one understood how such a large colony could function with what seemed like no communication. Then someone figured it out. Ants give off pheromones to indicate what they’re doing. There is a […]

|||||||||||||||||| Mediated |||||||||||||||||| Spaces ||||||||||||||||||

The most digestible example of a mediated space is one that has a degree of fantasy, like Disney World. The over the top character of the landscape both visually and audibly attempts to pull you in. We can also talk about department stores. The department store Staples have spent a lot of money on store design. Their goal […]

Art in the age of the network and the mechanical

Art in the age of the network is of an act, a process. Since its a process, variables of the process become a part of Network Arts  (or Social Arts) makeup, its language. Variables like inclusion, exclusion, interactions, routines, procedures, iterations, protocols. A process through a network adds another layer of elements; hubs, connectors, permission […]


Twitter and facebook status posts are examples of people relating to written text in an ephemeral way. Before this digital moment text was a permanent affair. This phonemic break-down of verbal flow sat forever on a page, waiting for an eye to cross it. Now many words are thrown up on twitter without the expectation […]

After Reading | On Memory (Electronic or Otherwise) – Vilém Flusser

By focusing on the moment between Oral and Written culture Flusser calls upon an important historic transition in Human history. All of a sudden the law was not an agreed upon cultural conversation. Instead law became eternally carved in stone, forever stating its dictum upon the culture. In Phaedrus Plato argues that written language is […]

Some Social Implications of Modern Technology :: By Herbert Marcuse

Thoughts :: What hold do technologies have on our current society? The policing of selves became trusted to computational evaluation since the human-driven evaluation, psychiatry, was cast into un-trust because of a study done by David Rosenhan. Society took its position to police outsiders early on in our development; crazy people where put on boats […]